Spectral Sensing Solutions

Analyze anywhere with the widest spectrum on the world’s smallest devices.

NeoSpectra Sensing Solutions

NeoSpectra sensing solutions are miniature and low cost spectral sensors and scanners that can be used in a wide variety of material sensing applications. The solutions offer performance comparable to laboratory based spectrometers, but at dramatically smaller sizes and lower costs.
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What’s Possible

A broad range of applications, a multitude of industries.

How Neospectra Works

In NeoSpectra, all the optical and mechanical components are integrated on single MEMS chip, enabling FT-IR functionality on a chip scale. The monolithic integration is enbaled by using Si-Ware Systems’ proprietary Silicon integrated Micro Optical Systems Technology (SiMOST) platform.

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Looking for a component so that you can create new products and applications.
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Looking for a hardware and software ready solution for unique application development.
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Si-Ware Launches Small, Lightweight NeoSpectra-Scanner for In-Field Material Analysis

Plug-and-Play Development To Speed Adoption by Smart Farming, Food, Industry
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Si-Ware NeoSpectra is First Spectrometer Built Into Beauty Product

The award winning NeoSpectra-Micro spectral sensor has been customized into Henkel Beauty Care’s Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Analyzer.
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