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1. What is the target usage of the MEMS FT-IR spectrometer?

2. Please give a brief description about the target application while highlighting its usage model (handheld device, OEM module, installed in process line ...etc.)*

3. In which application area is the spectrometer needed?*

4. What are the types of materials to be measured?

5. Please specify the materials to be analyzed with the spectrometer


6. Sampling method

7. Analysis Type


8. Fiber

Connector Type

Core Size

9. Light Source


Emitted Power*

10. Power level coupled into the fiber*

11. Electronic Interface

12. Software


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13. Spectral range*

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14. Minimum SNR:
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At wavenumber

15. Minimum Resolution*

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16. Scan time *

17. Please indicate the maximum accepted value for the following

Spectral accuracy

Spectral repeatability

Temperature From
⁰C to ⁰C

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18.Please indicate any other specifications to be considered

Development Timeline

19.Please provide some information about your development timeline. e.g. evaluation, application development, time to market, …etc.*


20. What is the expected annual volume *


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