Smart Farming

Soil Sensing and Smart Farming
By NeoSpectra Sensors

Soil is arguably the most important resource for our world, as it supplies the majority of our nutritional needs. We can make do without meat, but the world’s population of 9 billion must have access to plants and plant-based foodstuffs supplied by our soil in agricultural settings. Yet non-stop farming can cause soil to become […]

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Delivers High-Quality Milk Analysis to the World’s Dairies
By NeoSpectra Sensors

Dairies come in different shapes and sizes—from giant factory-scale operations in developed nations, to tiny family farms in third-world countries. And whether big or small, these dairies play a massive role in countries’ economic output, with the agribusiness-dominated United States leading the world in milk production, while India—with its patchwork of small-scale farms—comes in second. […]