• Soil testing has never been this easy!
  • In the past, farmers had to handle the daunting experience of collecting a large amount soil samples, sending them to the lab, and waiting for the results in order to find out the soil conditions and health. Today, this whole process is replaced with a single press of a button thanks to the SoilCares’ scanner with NeoSpectra inside.
  • See more information about SoilCares’ here!

Mobile sleeve

  • NIR spectrometer moves towards ubiquity
  • Have you ever imagined seeing a NIR Spectrometer as an accessory for a smartphone ? You no longer need to, it’s real. This smart phone sleeve has a NeoSpectra Micro inside that allows for consumer use of FT-NIR Spectroscopy.
  • Integration into the sleeve has been co-developed with XPNDBLS.
  • Analysis algorithms were developed by GreenTropism.
  • Imagine what you could do with this technology! The possibilities are endless.
  • See a video of the case and NeoSpectra Micro in action here!