About NeoSpectra Micro

  • NeoSpectra Micro (SWS62231) is a chip-sized, OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) spectral sensor that delivers the spectral response of the light absorbed by materials for quantification, qualification or identification.
  • NeoSpectra Micro will bring the power of NIR spectroscopy to consumer applications. It is designed to be used in different systems as an OEM module for applications that can be enabled by the spectral range 1,250 – 2,500 nm.(See example of a system developed using NeoSpectra module here)

What’s inside

  • Breakthrough packaging techniques allow all system components to be packed in a chip-sized module:
    • Optical Head: Mini optical structure for sample illumination and the collection of diffuse reflected light.
    • ASICs: for system control and data processing.
    • Optical Core Module: Monolithic single-chip Michelson interferometer and a single elelement uncooled InGaAs photodetector.

NeoSpectra Micro Core Module

  • Free-space coupling for light
  • Output spectra, commands signals, and power are transferred via electrical pins (SPI)
  • Optional Optical Core Module without light source

Technical Specifications

Spectral Range PSD* > Max PSD/10 1,350 – 2,500 nm
Resolution At λ= 1.550 nm, FWHM criterion 16 nm
Typical SNR (rms) 2s Scan Time, @λ=2,350 nm 2,000:1
Temperature Operation -5 to 40 ºC
Wavelength Accuracy @λ= 1.400 nm; temperature < 40ºC ±1.5 nm
Wavelength Repeatability @λ= 1.400 nm; absorbance level = 0.5 A.U. ±0.1 nm
  • *PSD: Power Spectral Density