About NeoSpectra Modules

  • NeoSpectra modules (SWS62221) are OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) spectral sensors that determine the spectral content of the input light, coupled via an optical fiber, and generate interferogram and spectrum data corresponding to the measured light.
  • NeoSpectra modules are the ideal plug-in and play solution with wide spectral ranges for OEM manufacturers who want to build systems that perform NIR analysis in applications that require mobility, affordability, and economies of scale. (See example of a system developed using NeoSpectra module here)

OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectral Sensors By Neospectra

What’s inside

  • NeoSpectra core modules are constructed from low cost, permanently aligned, and highly reproducible components:
    • A Monolithic MEMS Michelson Interferometer chip
    • Electronics board containing Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) specially designed for NeoSpectra
    • A single InGaAs photodetector
    • Optical fibers

OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectral Sensors By Neospectra

Typical usage model

  • NeoSpectra sensors are designed to operate in a wide variety of products and environments. Sampling setups and host systems depend on the requirements of the end-use application and, hence, are usually developed by NeoSpectra owners.

OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectral Sensors By Neospectra

Technical Specifications

PARAMETER CONDITIONS SWS62221-1.7 SWS62221-2.1 SWS62221-2.5 UNIT
Spectral Range PSD* > Max PSD/10 1,250 – 1,700 1,300 – 2,100 1,350 – 2,500 nm
Resolution @λ= 1.55 µm, FWHM criterion 8 or 16 (selectable by software) nm
Typical Signal to
Noise Ratio
Tx** setup, 0.5 s scan time,
Resolution: 16 nm
>3,000 : 1 >3,000 : 1 3,000 : 1
Rx*** setup, 2 s scan time,
Resolution 16 nm
>1,000 : 1 >1,000 : 1 >1,000 : 1
@λ= 1.4 µm ; Temperature <
±1.5 nm
Wavelength repeatability @λ= 1.4 µm, absorbance level:
0.5 A.U, , Resolution: 16nm
±0.1 nm
Temperature Operating range -5 to 40

(Can be configured to higher ranges upon request)

  • *PSD: Power Spectral Density
  • **Tx = Transmission configuration
  • ***Rx = Reflection configuration