NeoSpectra-Micro Development Kit

The Neo Spectra Micro Development Kit

The development kit is a plug and play solution for replicating the typical performance of the NeoSpectra Micro. This speeds up the learning process and The NeoSpectra-Micro Development Kit (DVK) is a set of components that connect the NeoSpectra-Micro to a Raspberry Pi, which acts as a host for easy interfacing. The DVKs enable developers to evaluate the performance of the NeoSpectra-Micro and to start application and product development.

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The NeoSpectra Micro Development Kit is now available to order online. It allows customers to begin developing their own unique platforms for spectral sensing within minutes of unboxing.

The full development kit is priced at $2,499 and comes with everything you need to start bringing your spectral sensing ideas into reality. Order yours now.

Supported Modes


PC Mode

  • The NeoSpectra-Micro SPI board is interfaced to the PC directly through a Raspberry Pi board using a USB cable.
  • SpectroMOST software (PC version) is used for control and readout.
  • Open source code available for developers.
  • Application layer software and chemometrics can be developed and integrated with SpectroMOST software directly.
  • Application layer software can be added on the Raspberry Pi board for a complete integrated solution.

Standalone Mode

  •  The NeoSpectra Micro development board is connected and interfaced to a Raspberry Pi board directly through SPI. A PC is not required.
  • SpectroMOST software is installed and runs directly from the Raspberry Pi board for control and readout.
  • Open source codes available for developers.
  • Application layer software and chemometrics can be developed and integrated with SpectrMOST software on the Raspberry Pi board.

SPI Mode

  • The Neospectra-Micro SPI board has a direct SPI connection where the spectrum and control signals are applied.
  • SPI commands are used for control and readout from the NeoSpectra-Micro.
  • Allows for the integration of the NeoSpectra-Micro in any hardware environment.
  • Documentation for SPI commands as well as sample codes for SPI control are provided.

DVK Contents:

In all modes users have access to the raw measured data, allowing for the development of application software and chemometrics.

Please note that the price of the NeoSpectra Micro Development Kit does not include shipping or customs costs.