Smart Food

Spectral sensors are helping to improve the
quality of food from farm to fork.


Food Freshness

The freshness of meats, fish, and produce can be measured and understand with NeoSpectra spectral sensors.


Allergen Detection

Food allergens, such as gluten and peanuts, can be detected with NeoSpectra spectral sensors

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Fruit & Vegetable Ripeness

NeoSpectra sensors can provide valuable information on fruits and vegetables for buyers and sellers throughout the supply chain. This information is a valuable input in the block chain of food.


Process & Quality Control

NeoSpectra sensors allow for more in-line monitoring of food and beverage production for better process and quality control.  In addition, incoming inspection of raw materials can be accomplished with handheld scanners using NeoSpectra sensor.

Monitoring Sugar Content in Cereal

Screening Soybeans